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Kings College Londres oferese Kursu Inglés Báziku 2/Pre-intermediate online gratis - rejista ohin! ♥


Ba ema hotu-hotu ne'ebé iha interese atu aprende lian-Inglés, keta lakon oportunidade furak ida-ne’e.

Informasaun kona-ba kursu ne'e mak hanesan tuir mai:

Develop your English for a range of everyday situations

On this course you will build your English skills. You will develop your use of English in a wider range of everyday situations and grow your listening ability.

You will develop your English skills by hearing people speak in a range of situations, and you will test your knowledge by writing short responses to simple discussion questions.

By the end of the course you will feel more confident in your ability to speak and understand basic English.

What topics will you cover?

  • Asking for directions

  • Describing your town and where you live

  • Talking about your daily routine and activities

  • Talking about technology

  • Language for shopping and other daily tasks

  • Language for preparing for University

Rejista liuhusi link ida-ne'e:

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